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A tall humanoid, the same species as Vulcans but more human. They do not pretend to not have emotions, and they get laid more than Vulcans, which is why they do not experience Pon Farr. Romulans, also known as Rihannsu, are widely maligned as dishonorable, but unlike Klingons who pay lip service to honor, but attack rescue vessels with cloaked ships, the Romulans do not pretend to be honorable and commit such atrocities, they are less hypocritical and more honorable than Klingons.
Worf thinks that Romulans are treacherous, deceitful, and without honor. But he has been known to attack unarmed opponents and leave ill people to die simply because their parents happened to be Romulans.
by Commander Tomalak May 26, 2004

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