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When a total hoosier has the decency to keep his front yard well kept, BUT the backyard is a different story.

Your backyard looks like a nigger lives in your house. There is a trailer made out of a hacked up pop-up camper you were conceived in 30 years ago, your ex-roommate's metro-sexual VW Passat he left to you in lue of the past 24 months rent, and a BBQ pit collection only Sanford and Son could dream of.
Dood, your front yard is as nice as the fairways of St. Andrews! But the back yard; there are 4 fucking cars, only one of which run and have current license plates, and only two of the four have inflated tires. You my true friend, are a Backyard Nigger, thanks for thinking of your neighbors in your, despite your lack of self respect.
by Commander Poopy Pants May 06, 2011
When a man walks in to the room, grabs a magazine, and walks away with it; he is going to take a shit. Leave him alone! This is special time, in which a man gets to fully relax, and ponder the meaning of life. This is the only time he doesn't have to listen to his GF/wife/coworker bitch about something. Without this special time, man would go insane and might hurt or kill another.

Since he grabbed the magazine, you also need to protect yourself from the smell, you know what is coming, you have been warned. Don't sit their and act stupid, and then bitch about the aroma after the fact.
Andy, Todd, and Matt are sitting around watching Sunday Football. Andy gets, up grabs a magazine, and the stage has been set.

Matt "who, hang on, He's got a magazine"
Andy, says nothing, he doesn't have to, He's got a magazine
by Commander Poopy Pants May 18, 2011
When an Urban Cowboy chooses, or is forced to live in an urban environment and shares his/her music with the neighborhood. It is no secret the black people are generous in one regard; they love to share their music. Redneck Reciprocity is “giving back to the community”. Usually frowned upon by blacks or wann-be’s, but no one understands why, as they certainly love all music and genres, and that is why they share their music with neighborhood.
Tyron Shoes: "Yo you hurr that honky banging that booshit mang?"
Shaquicka: "ahmang, it soundz likes the booshit dey mades us listen toos at the field twip we took to the cuntra dat day"
Tyron Shoes: "I guess he right fo blastin that Redneck Reciprocity, we make hims preepole listen to our bang bang diggty hip hoppity shaka yo buddy don't stopiddy music, so I cantz blamz dem fo reel"
by Commander Poopy Pants June 06, 2011
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