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When a woman farts on a man's ball while sitting on his penis.
Man, Maria was really gassy last night. My balls are still sore from all her Nutthunder!
by Commander Meatpuppet December 23, 2008
in the application superheroes on facebook. when you receive enormous amounts of attacks from one person (usually Tiff) in one sitting.... 100+ pages
It is gonna take me days to get through this T-bomb. Man I was Tiffed good!
"Bizzarro-ette tiffed the crap out of Comandermeatpuppet, he was still answering the attacks 2 days later.
by Commander Meatpuppet December 23, 2008
The illusion of being highly intelligent, often displayed in a classroom environment by continuing to speak out on a subject in which one has no actual knowledge.
Due to being so Illougent, Tyrone continued talking to the professor about advanced psychology as though an 18 year old might know anything on the subject other then from watching the Doctor Phil show on TV. His Illougence was preventing the class lessons from proceeding.
by Commander Meatpuppet January 31, 2009
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