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Like or possessing qualities of female genitalia and shouting it at the most inappropriate times usually with a follow up high five if truly deserving.
-How would you like your steak?
-Hot and pink on the inside
-You mean like a Vagina?
*high five*
by Comic and Bomber March 13, 2010
To hit on, near, or at least sorta close to a person's face or general area of the head and shouting "In the face" very loudly.

Is often followed by a repetition of the phrase "in the face" and of course a douche filled high five

Made famous by the movie "The Hangover"
"Dude, during dodgeball i accidentally hit timmy in the face"

History Example:
Lee Harvey Oswald "I actually shot him"
Mobsters "where"
Oswald "In the face"

Herstory Example:
"god helen keller can't walk around by herself"
"why not?"
"she totally walked into the lamp in the face"
by Comic and Bomber March 13, 2010
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