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nig-ga syn-the-sis: n. Perpetual bond between niggas over an appreciation of trivial or ignorant things. This is the opposite of a nigga moment, which is perpetual conflict between niggas over trivial or ignorant things. This is unlike a bond between friends or family members, which is mutually beneficial to all of the parties involved.

When a nigga moment collides with a nigga synthesis, you get a Complete (fucking) Disaster:

Nigga Moment + Nigga Synthesis = Complete Disaster.

Remember this equation, you will need it later nigga!
Nigga Moment (fight between Bushido Brown and Stinkmeaner's crew) + Nigga Synthesis (Stinkmeaner's crew which exists for the sole purpose of spreading ignorance and chaos, particularly in the black community) = Complete Disaster (Bushido Brown's beheading.)

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