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A town located in North Central Somerset County, New Jersey. It is often stereotyped be being dominated by snobby rich kids who think they are from Orange County, actually this is only half true. Bridgewater is a geographically huge town that is somehow 99999 times more boring than the majority of the other smaller towns around it (namely Somerville). The population ranges from the preppy, obnoxious rich kids who wear only Abercrombie, Hollister and so on...but also to the wiggers of neighborhoods like Bradley Gardens ("BG") and Finderne, the towns two comparatively lower income neighborhoods (which are still well above the national average either way). In between, you find scene kids, shitloads of them, Bridgewater is known for having the hgihest concentration of scene kids anywhere in New Jersey except maybe Hillsborough...who all flock at the shittastic Bridgewater Commons Mall, which is a terrible ripoff mall and if your going to pay that much, you are seriously better off at Short Hills than at that dump. Most of the adults in Bridgewater are completly oblivious to how terrible of a place Bridgewater is, as the majority of them either a. Grew up their or b. Are from the crappy towns in North Jersey and NYC/Long Island and wanted to live somewhere "secluded" and "scenic"...the majority is that at least 3/4 of the kids in Bridgewater want to leave it...the only even remotely interesting thing to do in town is play lazer tag at the Sports Arena, which is actually really good, but good luck having it be a convience, because in Bridgewater you could be 20 minutes away while still having the same zip code.
Kid from random other NJ town: So where you from?
Kid from Bridgewater: Bridgewater
Kid from random other NJ town: Oh that sucks dude
by Colonel H May 30, 2009

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