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the word used commonly to portray a penis.
length can vary to portray either an erect or flaccid penis.
"suck it 8====D"
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
1. an Alabama local who enjoys galavanting around town.

2. can also be applied to someone who enjoys engaging in sexual intercourse with country bumpkins.
1. "Cousin Merle sure is a hickrosexual the way he shops for squirrel pelt boot laces and other luxuries"

2. "damn Dave is always pickin up bitches from Arkansas, he is a freakin hickrosexual"
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
a gay bar.
Chuck Norris "god damn i feel like some meat between my cheeks, i think ill head to Division 78 downtown."
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
.see George W. Bush
"it's amazing i won. i was running against peace, prosperity, and incumbency"
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
.see Adam And Eve

Eve was the original hot slut!
"gotta get me some of that original poontang"
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
"i am a man and my boyfriend is such a shit stirrer, yeah he stirs my shit inside my arse with his little pinny knob oh baby wank me off"
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
dirty dirty sluts
Alfred E. Newman: "dirty dirty sluts are a mans best friend"
D.L Hughley: "what about dogs??"
Alfred E. Newman: "c.mon man you ever tried to fuck a dog??"
D.L Hughley: "yes"
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
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