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Morning after the night before breath. The horrible taste in your mouth after you wake up following a night of drinking.
Bob: Oh man I woke up this morning and had to wash my teeth for 8 minutes to get rid of my MANBB

Billy: Shut up. Now
by Colm.. March 31, 2009
When you are quite drunk on a night out but one of your friends or someone you are with is so steaming that you have to take care of them and your opwn drunkiness becomes irrelevant
Billy: Were you drunk last night?
Bob: I was but when i seen how drunk Timmy was i switched in to Nurse Mode.

Billy: Rage. You should have just left him
by Colm.. April 06, 2010
The ultimate drinking game. Played by at least three people sat in a circle. The game begins with everyone chanting the following: 'Whats the name of the game? Slaps. Whats the object? To get fucked.'
The person that starts in number 1 must shout out '1' while tapping either their left shoulder or their right shoulder. Whatever shoulder is tapped that is the direction the play goes so the next person is number 2. This continues until you get to number 7. Whoever is number 7 must place one hand over the other and the top hand decides the direction. Number 8 and 9 are the same as before but on number 10 you must point to someone who then has to drink for then has to drink for 10 seconds. If someone messes up before that they must drink for that number of seconds.
Billy, Bob and Timmy (Shouting together): Whats the name of the game? Slaps! Whats the object to get fucked!

*Bob messes up on number 7*

Timmy and Billy Together: AHHHHH wanker. drink for 7 seconds!

Billy: You're such a tool Bob
by Colm.. March 31, 2009

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