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3 definitions by Collins English Dictionary

Noun - the God of Good Sex and Good Looks.
Adjective - used to describe someone who is incredibly good looking and/or intelligent and/or amazing in bed.
Adjective - another word for perfection.
I wish I could be Law.
I worship Law!
by Collins English Dictionary February 06, 2003
Something that is extra special.
"hey little kid, that twin hornet pistol looks very spiffy! Care to trade it for a goodilicious lollipop? Just step over to my bandit technical."
by Collins English dictionary June 24, 2013
Noun - another name for the common household egg.
Adjective - used to describe egg shaped objects.
Related words: Seno
Would you like to eat a yiang?
That chair looks yiang!
by Collins English Dictionary February 06, 2003