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A college of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities which is the only university branch worth attending. Contrasted with the Carlson School of Management and the College of Liberal Arts, the Institute of Technology (IT) is populated by people who don't deserve to be kicked in the balls (Carlson students do; CLA students have none to be kicked). Most IT students could kick your ass in any academic endeavor, and they'd be willing to prove it, because they're nerds.
Carlson student: "I see by your intact testicles that you attend the Institute of Technology!"
IT student: "Why thank you, Carlson student! Now stand still with your feet four feet apart."
by College Student 101 January 19, 2006
Libertarian political candidate from Montana who permanently turned his skin gray-blue after overdosing on home-brewed colloidal silver he drank in order to save himself from the prophesied antibiotic shortages and anthrax storms of Y2K.
Do a Google search for Stan Jones. You'll get a few hits, and then they'll ask, "did you mean 'Stan Jones blue?'"
by College Student 101 January 29, 2006

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