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6 definitions by Colin100

Capable of being done.
"Running a first marathon on only sixteen weeks' training? Yes, it's do-able. You won't enjoy it, dude, but it's do-able."
by Colin100 November 27, 2012
The momentary doorstep halt while you check you have your keys, before pulling the front door shut.
"Why's that guy stood there like a statue with his front door still open?"
"Dude, he's probably having his front door pause."
by Colin100 November 01, 2013
An international concept that entails a union between a man and a woman.
"We're going to get married."

"But Dan, you're a guy, and Hector is a guy too. How can you possibly get married? It isn't possible."

"It is now!"

"It won't really be a marriage though, will it? You need a man and a woman for that."
by Colin100 December 09, 2012
How you learn your lessons in life when you never listened to your father.
"That Desmond, he only ever learns the hard way, don't he?"

"He never listened to his father, that's why."
by Colin100 November 30, 2012
What men get by sticking their penises up other men's bottoms.
..."That disease he has does an awful job on you. Your lungs fill up."
"Well, he should have kept his penis out of other men's bottoms then," Janice says, lowering her voice though, so the nurses and orderlies in the hall don't hear.
~ "Rabbit at Rest", by John Updike (1990)

"You want to know why I don’t have AIDS, why I'm not HIV-positive like so many other people? I don’t fuck around. It’s as simple as that."
~ "Timequake", by Kurt Vonnegut (1997)
by Colin100 December 01, 2012
The brown track made by the hypothetical 750 cc motorbike with the muddy wheels that lives up your buttcrack, down the rear of your tighty whities.
"Oh no! How did those skidmarks get there?"

"Motorbike came out and went vroooooom, man."
by Colin100 December 01, 2012