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Arianna, a more unique name, originating from the Lost World. People with this name are literally worshipped by their offspring and friends. Often times there are moments where you will get flashbacks with Arianna, due to their repetitive quote, "Remember that one time...?"
"Remember that one time you put up a definition of my name?" Arianna said.
by Colin Wydysh April 13, 2008
Tsema, a very rarely-used name. It is only given to those who persistently ask questions, which if you answer, will only bring more questions. Only a small number of Tsemas live on the earth today due to their annoying presence to other humans. It is estimated within 20 years there will be no more Tsemas alive.
Person 1: So, I was just working on the farm yesterday.
Person 2: Cool man, ya I was there, too.
Tsema: Um, what do you do on this farm?
Person: Well, I work on a potato farm.
Tsema: A potato farm? What do you grow on a potato farm?
Person 1: Potatoes...
Tsema: I thought potatoes were bred?
by Colin Wydysh April 13, 2008

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