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I marijuana pipe that can be made out of a small wooden rectangular block, like a Lincoln Log. I won't go into detail about making one, i'm sure you get the idea. You probably won't be able to get more than five days usage out of it though since the wood will eventually burn away.

Andrew: Fuck I left my pipe at home!
Me: Don't worry, lets hit the ganja block.
by Colin Treafdggg September 28, 2006
When you take a big shit in a public restroom, and you forget to give other patrons a courtesy flush, and it stinks up the whole restroom. When you walk out of the stall, it is refered to as the walk of shame because all the other patrons are pissed at you for the stench they had to endure.
James walked out of stall after pinching that floater, but he soon saw himself doing the dreaded walk of shame.
by Colin Treafdggg September 26, 2006

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