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The 2008 Democratic presidential candidate of the United States. A communist that only got so far as he is becuase he is Black. A man who supports Universal Healthcare, higher taxes, higher gas and oil prices, Affirmative Action, and a big central government. The Black equivalent of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Bennito Mussolini, and Mao Zedong combined. A person who knows we have billions and billions of barrels of oil here in the U.S., but would rather help his niggaz the Taliban, and buy worse, more epensive oil from people who hate us just so his he could have more money and power, and become even more of a tyrant. Also, he knows using domestic oil will help our economy and the people, but what does he care about the people. He just wants to be president to get da money, and get his niggaz out of da hood.
"Did you hear Barack Obama got more delegates' support?"
"Yeah, and I just found out he's a relative of both Josef Stalin, and Adolf Hitler."
by Colin Hackman June 13, 2008

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