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Some thing particularly impressive. An exclamation.
Jeez, I had a pisscutter of a day, that mongrel growth finally dropped off!
by Col Finnie July 06, 2006
A person who lives, breathes and thinks about workplace safety to an unhealthy and unsociable extent. Always on the lookout to get "musculo-skeletal disorder" into ordinary conversation in the deluded hope the person listening will be impressed. Avoided at parties.
"I thought we'd get something done in the meeting, but it was wall-to-wall safety nerds: I thought my brain was going to explode after an hour.
by Col Finnie July 06, 2006
collective noun for a large gathering of Mac laptops. Derived from the Apple logo on the lid of PowerBooks, MacBook Pros etc.
"Check out this orchard?!" Exclamation by munted and confused individual who has stumbled into a tent full of Mac laptop-equipped electronic musicians at a music festival.

"I'm heading back to the orchard." Absurdly overpaid advertising executive dragging himself to his feet after his 4th lunchtime martini and indicating he is going to return to the office.
by Col Finnie July 06, 2006
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