1 definition by Coined by Gil, Steve, Stokes and, Dan

A cardboard box recieved from White Castle filled with 30 little tiny steam grilled burgers. After hamburger consumption the box can be used as a book carrier, laptop carrier, pillow,snake holder, or as a floatation device.
"In the morning I woke up only to find that i had forgotten my back pack so i used my crave case as a book carrier. Then when i got to school we got new laptops and i was the only one who didnt get a case so i used my crave case as a laptop carrier. Then after i got home from school i wanted to take a nap but the pillows were in the wash so i i used my crave case. Then when i woke up i went to the pet store and bought my self a pet snake and they asked if i wanted a box to put it in but i said no thanks i've got my crave case, and on the way home i slipped on the side of th road and fell in a pond almost drowned but crave case saved my life.

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