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A worthless band from Iowa that cant play worth shit and probably eats shit too. I dont see why you people like this shit. I like KISS, Metallica, AC/DC, and all those other bands but this one just sucks, I dont care if they were influenced by these bands they suck! To all those morons out there who still like slipknot quit cutting yourself and crying yourself to sleep every night just because your little girlfriend left you for some other man. Yes they are different ok, but just dressing up in jump suits and wearing stupid masks and prancing around all stupid like some retard. Get some real metal music and not some fucking emo nu metal retards on the stage singing about something stupid.
some stupid faggot: oooooh i love wait and bleed.
me: oh shut the fuck up you stupid emo bitch.
some stupid faggot: hey slipknots great dont insult them or they'll slit ur fucking throat u faggot.
me: "punches emo kids face" if they want to try but they gotta quit sucking each others dick first.
by Cody Ferrell June 26, 2006

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