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gabbi moan (noun or verb):a long, exacerbated sigh made when something does not go ones way or if they just feel like moaning for a long period of time because it is funny.
-I had a horrible day today. *Gabbi Moan*
-Sinister Sister in Return to Halloweentown: "You don't have the power to control me, do you?" *Gabbi Moan*
by Coco Rosenberg October 03, 2006
A telepathic connection you have with someone. It is like I.M. but with "telepathic" brain waves.
Person 1: So what do you think about the new Nelly Furtado C.D.?
Person 2: OMG, I was just gonna ask you that!
Person 1: That is totally our T.I.M.!
by Coco Rosenberg October 17, 2006
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