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When someone with a fat head, the type that has folds, has a very short or shaved type haircut, making their head look like a sideways ass.
His head is to fat for that haircut, he has an asshead.
by Coco Loco June 11, 2006
Roadside fecal blowout; the need to blow out your ass on the road, to take an unexpected fast shit while driving.
"Oh my God, pull over, I got a road load comin' on!"
by Coco Loco September 10, 2006
A gift or something you receive that you "shavunda" the bed.
This is definatly a shavunda gift.
by Coco Loco June 08, 2006
Having to wear a tampon just one more day.
Well I guess I have to "support the cork" one more day.
by Coco Loco June 19, 2006
Term of affection used with an old friend who really is an "old slutty hag"
Hey what's up "slag"?
by Coco Loco September 07, 2006

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