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An insult similar to douchebag or prick that is usually used between friends in a joking manner.
"Whats up you god damn wop monkey."
by Cobbnobbler December 28, 2009
Masturbation, jerking off or getting a handjob
I was at home the other night watching porn and burpin' the baby when my mother walked in on me; talk about embarasing!
by cobbnobbler July 20, 2008
A very small penis similar to the size and shape of a gerkin pickle.
I feel bad for Chris. With his little gerkin cock he can barely jerk off, let alone please a woman.
by Cobbnobbler December 29, 2009
A homosexual dance that involves men grinding on each other, either penis to penis or penis to ass.
Oh man, look at those two gay guys dude grinding over there. Get a room!
by Cobbnobbler December 27, 2009
Possibly the most evil man of all time, he uses common sexual practices to kill.
You better watch out, or the Sexecutioner might face fuck you to death!
by Cobbnobbler January 15, 2010
A guy who is a piece of shit
"Hey shitguy, stop being such a dick."
by Cobbnobbler January 08, 2010
The rarest first name for a human male.
I have a friend named Goetch. He is the only man alive with this first name.
by Cobbnobbler February 04, 2010
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