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A small village in Nova Scotia. The home of rapper Classified

Pretty cool place.

Whoo-hoo!! Go Enfield! Nova Scotia rules!!
Classified kicks Ememiems ass any day!
Dude: He's from Enfield Nova Scotia?
Dude: Sweeeet!!

by CoUrTnEy :) November 06, 2007
A fucking INDIAN!!! aka native person
Stupid Dirty Brown Animals
white kids kick ther ass any day
I hate them
by CoUrTnEy :) November 06, 2007
The shittiest series of books there is. Anyone who reads them or watches the movies is SERIOUSLY HIGH or a total dreamer who no one cares about thinking that they can cast a magic spell and be a magical wizard with a wand in a magical world.
God people, Harry Potter is fucking gay. I will see Harry Potter in hell!
Like seriously people get a life!! Read a decent book idiot.
Nerdy Boy: Hey I was just reading Harry Potter, and then I did my math homework! It was so much fun, I'm going to be a helpless nerd forever!!

Cool Kid: Harry Potter is so fucking gay you fruity fagot!!

Nerdy Boy: **Cries** one day you'll be sorry when I'm in the magical land of Hogwarts and you're not!

Cool Kid: Man, if I wanted to be in a magical world, I'd just smoke some coke! You stupid nerdy Harry Potter wannabe!

Nerdy Boy: Ummm, can I have some of this magical cocaine that will take me to Hogwarts?

by CoUrTnEy :) November 06, 2007

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