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The name for the first decade of the millenium. 2000's, two thousands. Oughties or Naughties (British) never have caught on.
Real Estate was good at the end of the 90's and the beginning of the 2K's.
by Co in Sac January 26, 2010
Economic Buzz. Cheapest way to party with any available liquor cabinet with seldom used bottles, cheap beer or bulk wine.
Are you up for bar hopping or maybe just houses for an eco buzz?
by CO in Sac December 18, 2009
To vomit, barf, puke or throw up. Describes "driving the porcelain bus" at the toilet as "Ralph" the bus driver from the 50's show The Honeymooner's with Jackie Gleason.
Oh, I think I drank too many shots of tequila, I'm going to ralph for sure.
by CO in Sac December 19, 2009
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