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The German sexual act of making love to a pirate.
Verb Dude, Rob is so brumbalowing Jack Sparrow.
Noun Aarrghhh, Gimme a sweaty brumbalow, matey!
by Clustin Rivkins April 21, 2008
The state of being epic;
Episcocity is measured in Beowulfs. (bWs);
The metric measurement is Narrative Poems. (nPs)
Somewhere around 10 bWs, a standard cotton-polyester blend tee-shirt becomes engulfed in flames.
-Hey! Look at Dustin, he's radiating episcocity!

-Holy Lord, Jordan is breaching 6 bWs! Look out!

by Clustin Rivkins April 21, 2008
An exclamatory remark stated when someone farts in a car;
No consequences ensue; Just episcocity.
by Clustin Rivkins April 21, 2008
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