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This is an edit/addition to another entry. Who is the Man's Man? He's the real class act. He always shaves and wears clothes that fit. He's worldly, educated, and a gentleman. He thinks that buttoned shirts are not just for special occasions and that newspapers have more than one section. While he is polite, he is not a pushover. He will swear when he needs to, but will always control his temper. He can handle his liquor and know how to order a drink his own and whatever his woman's drink is. Most importantly, he will admit his faults and errors, because that is what real men do. He doesn't have to be gay or straight, black or white, Republican or Democrat, Atheist or Evangelical; he just does what ever he thinks makes himself a good person that he can be proud of. For these reasons, women want him and men want to be him. He never sits in his car and blows the horn to get his woman's attention. He opens her doors and always makes sure she is comfortable before seeing to his own comfort. When going out he wears a jacket just in case she is cold so he can give it to her. Stands by his convictions and can argue them well, yet keeps an open mind and can consider all sides. Calls his date by her name (or respectful pet names, Hun, babe, etc...)Never refers to her as "woman, my woman" (lady sounds so much better). He isn't afraid to be affectionate or emotional if need be, and won’t shy away from wearing pink. Stands up straight and walks with purpose. He doesn't worry about whether or not he is satisfied during sex as long as his partner is happy. He isn't judgmental and doesn't speak poorly about her family or friends, especially to her face. If she does have children or just when in the presence of children, he will be informative while being entertaining to them. He will always stick up and fight for his lady. The list goes on, but this is a definite start to becoming the ideal man or man's man.
"When I'm looking for a partner, I'm looking for a man's man, not a boy."
by Cloud21 November 17, 2008

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