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Geggy is a name given to someone who wears glasses or gegs as they are called in the North East of England.
Nathan: Oi Tom you are one geggy twat, get the fuck away from me.

Tom: *pity's the idiot*
by Clive warren March 27, 2009
It basically means disgusting or minging. If an orange has gone all green with puss and stuff that would be deemed as gammy
Paul: Have you seen this orange?
greg: ergh it's proper gammy
by Clive Warren January 11, 2009
Heron is a cheap shop that sells almost out of date foreign versions of brand names on the cheap, freezer stuff and biscuits essentially.
Lets go to Heron to get some cheapo ice lollies.
by Clive Warren March 19, 2009
1. To be scolded, told off(see bollocking).

2. To be in pain.
1. I forgot my homework so my teacher knacked me.

2. I hit my hand off the wall and it knacked(If it's hurting at the time you say it is "knacks").
by Clive Warren March 19, 2009

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