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This being a lesbian sexual activity where they lie horizontally on top of each other rubbing their genitals together.
Sandra and Sarah decided to abandon the dildo and enjoy a trabadism
by Clinton Sounds February 01, 2004
This being the act of performing cunnilingus during a woman's menstruation. So called chewy bits are often in abundance and towards the end of a womans period stringy bits of uterus are often expelled from the vagina. Many men are revolted by drinking red sea yet it is a highly pleasurable practise and particularly nutritious to the licker.
Sandra's periods were so heavy and always lasted a week so I had no other options except drinking red sea.
by clinton sounds April 13, 2005
Double fisting is an extreme sexual activity that must not be confused with fisting. The 'double' often suggests 'two' hands that are inserted into the orafice(s) of women or men.

Double fisting in a woman, might for example, be two well lubricated hands thrust into the vagina, or else two lubricated hands thrust into the anus/rectum.

It might also be two hands inserted simultaneously into both vagina and anus.

Double fisting into the anus/rectum often seriously damages the anal sphincter muscles internal and external, bowel incontinance is sometimes medically irreversible; so would be anal/rectal fisting recipients must be aware of anal 'tearing'.

Vaginal double fisting however is almost without a serious health risk, triple fisting is a regular occurence for women after childbirth; if they so wish it.

There is a slight danger that double fisting performed on virgins will damage the vagina. This is often true, the bartholin gland which produces vaginal lubrication is dependent on gentle stimulation, and double fisting can send this tiny gland into spasm.

Double fisting can be enjoyed by women of any age and recent polls suggest that Scandanavian women in their 50's who have had one or more children particularly enjoy the sensation of being double fisted. The Finnish word for double fisting is 'Torn-Berry' a word named after Finlands second largest city where double fisting is almost a cultish phenomenon amongst mature women.
Helga, the Finnish air hostess met me in Helsinki and suggested double fisting, I was a little shocked, but once I had inserted both of my hands into her deep and cavernous vagina I felt a kind of nirvana creep over me. Her face was contorted yet ecstatic in a surreal unison of hand meets orafice.
by clinton sounds April 13, 2005
This being the practise of fellatio upon a penis or pink oboe immediately after withdrawral from the anus after an act of buggery. The term implys that the penis is warm and has pebbledash coating the shaft of the penis.
David buggered Sandra mercilessly, then he withdrew his penis and thrust it into her mouth, he observed that his member was brownish with feces yet he insisted that she provided him with a hot gnarl.
by Clinton Sounds February 01, 2004
The chewy bits that are encountered during the act of crimson showers the chewy bits being the sloughed lining of the uterous expelled during menstruation.
Sandra was delivering me a crimson shower and I noticed quite a few chewy bits.
by Clinton Sounds January 31, 2004
This is a small gland about the size of a kidney bean that sits above the vulva just before the vagina. It is responsible for producing vaginal fluids so that sexual intercourse is smooth and lubricated. Older women often have a faulty bartholins gland, hence they suffer from a dry vagina. The odour of the lubricating juice from the bartholins gland is often dependent on the womans diet, but in younger women the odour could be described as slightly fishy. Red Heads bartholin gland secretions are particularly pungent and cunnilingus is a very tasty affair with Red Heads.
Sandra my girlfriend was a Red Head and her bartholin gland always produced plenty of vaginal juice for my enjoyment during cunnilingus. So pungent was her odour that I used brown bread to mop up her juices and I snacked upon her secretions with relish.
by clinton sounds April 13, 2005

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