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When something occurs that makes everybody stop talking and pay attention to the situation. Usually funny and very embarrassing. Can happen in a large group or a small intimate setting. Usually has something to do with racism.
Here is a perfect example of random acts of silence

Background noise from party

Becky: This party is awesome.
Ray: Yeah its alright. Its a little dark in here though, if you know what I mean?
Becky: I could ask him to turn the lights up.
Ray: I mean there are a lot of coons in here.

Record stops and everybody stops talking and looks
by Cletus B Delicious July 25, 2011
The face someone makes after being hit in the nose with a basketball. Usually occurs when one is not paying attention during a game or a bad pass is thrown. Bloody nose and watery eyes are common
Guy 1:Did you see Bill fucking off on the court and get basketball face?
Guy 2:Yeah, what an asshole.
by Cletus B Delicious April 26, 2011
Returning home to a time zone different from Las Vegas after vacation and referring to the time according to what time it is in Las Vegas.
Beth: Let's get fucked up.
Tim: It's 2 in the morning.
Beth: It's 2 am in New York but its only midnight Las Vegas time.
Tim: Am I at least going to get some pussy?
Beth: Of course, my body still thinks it's Las Vegas time.
by Cletus B Delicious August 27, 2012

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