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The removal of the of the skin cap giving the penis a beautiful look, simplified hygiene, straight pissing, and good feeling all over--shaft, head, and its own g-spot, the frenum.
Girlfriend to her guy: Your cock,is good looking, smells good, and tastes sweet.
Guy to girlfriend: You will never give me AIDS, even if you fool around. You will like my staying power for better orgasms.
by Clean Fil February 17, 2005
An expandable pee container in the lower abdomen made to contain drops of urine until a nerve response says it is time to piss the accumulation and not too many hours until you will be desperate and can't hold any more or can't pee at all and are in pain because your bladder is bashful. The sack's normal hold is about 500 mg (1 pint). Upper levels vary all the way from 750 mg to 2000 mg. So some lucky people get to pee only once a day and the rest of us 4 or 5 times a day.
The question is who has the largest bladder, men or women, gay or straight?
by Clean Fil February 18, 2005
Popularly known as bashful bladder, shy bladder, stage fright, pee shy, etc. A social phobia with both physical and psychological aspects that make it impossible to urinate when anyone else is near by.
One guy to another: "My bladder is bursting and I can't pee a drop with all these guys lined up behind needing to piss at this urinal." The other guy: "I can't go if anyone is standing next to me." Meanwhile in the ladies' room: "I wish those girls trying to get into this stall would just shut up so I can relax and get all this pee out that I have been holding for 6 hours."
by Clean Fil June 18, 2005
Bashful bladder is stage fright is shy bladder is pee shy is pee anxiety and is paruresis which is a social phobia which means whenever you are away from your home toilet you can't piss no matter how bad you have to go and develop a strange, noticeable, tender bulge in the area below your belly button.
When you have bashful bladder your 9 hour day at high school, at work, at a rock concert, or at a football game is pure, excruciating hell, the revenge of too much chlorinated water or too many cans of Bud and sphincters that won't budge.
by Clean Fil February 18, 2005
The tension of bladder exit muscles so that no pee can be expelled. It happens when other guys at the urinal are pissing away and also if one or two are hung like a horse and you are not.
"Hi guys Joe has stage fright again and can't pee." "I came in here because I need to pee bad. I am not leaving until I do"
by Clean Fil February 18, 2005
In the morning a yellow fluid which with difficulty is released through a tube tightly closed because my penis is swollen and erect.
My girlfriend always drinks a quart or two of iced tea on a picnic and won't go to the toilet without a private bathroom. Then she pisses a white fluid that runs and runs on for 2 or 3 minutes after holding it in all day.
by Clean Fil June 18, 2005
What my high school teacher used to say to anyone who asked to go to the head to empty a very, very full bladder.
His brother was a sergeant in the army and he used to say, "just hold it in until we stop running about 4 hours from now."
So I held it until I burst 6 hours worth of piss into my pants all the way down to my shoes.
by Clean Fil June 18, 2005
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