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Bowser is a turtle, dragon, ox mix. he breaths fire, has 10 spiked on his green shell thats lined in white, he has red-orange hair, a spiked collar with 9 spikes on it, and spiked metal cuffs on his biceps, and wrists with 6 spikes each, he has two fangs hanging down snaggletoothed, he has 6 on the top and 6 on the bottom totaling 12 teeth, he has a tan puffy snout with a cleft chin (verry sexy) his skin is yellow but oddly his head is not leaving people to wonder how that happened, his skin is rough kinda like a dinosaurs skin, he can go inside his sheel although it may not seem like it and he CAN take his shell off. he had red-orange eyebrows and red eyes. he can breath fire and is quite in shape but slow at running and gets around by flying in his koopa clown car. Bowser species is called koopa, he has 8 children, from oldest to youngest (this is a guess) Ludwig, Morton jr., Roy, Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, Wendy, and Bowser jr., theyre have been rumors that his wifes name is Clawdia. he is obviously in love with peach, but ahe isn't the mother of any of the children. he is king of the Dark Lands right there on the same little continent as the Mushroom Kingdom. he has many minions thatwould take to long to name them all off. but there you go, thats bowser in a nutshell hope i didn't forget anything beside the face that hes the main boss in most of the mario games.
Bowser is the bees knees! lol

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