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This is a variation of the normal 15 minute break. 1 person will page everyone for break. All will meet in the breakroom while coffee is being made. Once it is done, everyone grabs a cup and their smokes and head outside. The break starts once the cigs are lit. 15 minutes later everyone heads back to the breakroom for more coffee or to put their coat away. Some just go to ensure the others make it safely back. After a trip to the restroom, break is finally over. Skilled workers can make this break last 30 minutes easily. If you only work 200 days a year x 2 breaks a day, you could easily steal 100 hours a year just in breaks. That is something to strive for. Sure, this is time theft and you will get fired for it, but really, who is watching?
Has anyone seen Jon, Amy, or Ken? They went on break 15 minutes ago. Oh, thats right . They are on a classic Sam's 15 minute break.
by Classic Sam August 23, 2009

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