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The best private middle school in America. 40,000 students, 600 acres of campus. 98% don't attend college after graduation. Located in richest part of denver, cherry hills village, greenwood village, etc., the school is placed in 10+ counties.

Drug of choice: alcohol, cocaine, weed, ragnarok online
Car: Lexus, BMW, Audi, Escalade, Civic
Clothing: LV, Juicy, Polo, anything preppy, Rags
Sports: Creek is always winning state championships. Lets see...swimming, lacrosee, feild hockey, soccer, football, poms, baseball, typing, ruler throwing, frisbee catching, etc.

People who go to kent denver are basically creekers who are too scared to be around 4000 other people. They're \"special\" and alone, not to mention emo.
Hot damn, creek has been around so long, the other schools just win everything: state championships and scholorships.
Mullen students: Let us awe at the prowess of Creekers.
by Class of 06 August 05, 2005

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