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1. an asian portable woman, who worked with this name in porn movies of vivid productions. she is also known as blake and brooke young. after leaving vivid, she worked in private productions. also she played in the movie very bad things.

she is largely appreciated because of her incredible bravery in maintaining big things in her 5'3'' (1.6 meters) long body. she is a real cockmaster. she can be folded more than a paper and still handle a huge erected penis. her fans are called kobetaists. and so she is such a sexual fantasy for many people.

2. this is also a term used for defining efficiency and capasity to hold, absorb.
ex 1:
yep, this woman can sure handle that big cock, but she is still no kobe tai.

ex 2:
customer: i want a truck that will not cause any problem in holding a load of 20 tons at once.

salesman: this one will fit your demands. it won the kobe tai 2006 award - lorry of the year!
by clasex January 16, 2007
a girl supposed to have some pretty big mental problems up to a psychoanalysis essay.

1.being a female
2.being interested in male
3.deny being female/desire being male

all these are messed... but i guess this little girl wants to make love. and picks men as partner. but this little bitch is sick of being fucked. she wants to fuck. she loves cock so much that she wants one for her own...

or maybe upon 'her wish of using masculinity on men', she hates men. maybe she hates herself.
or just maybe the last one was 'too big' and during oral implementation, some irreversible damage has been there in her tiny lil brain...

and after all worst: she could be a emo girl trying to attract attention saying/acting this way.

but i can give credit to her attitude if she has too many emo friends around. 'fuck'em all' is what a mentally healty one-no matter girl or boy- feels when emos cry around.
Person I: And then Sawyer confessed her that he is a homosexual. and guess what Kate did?! She fucked her all night with her own dildo!!
Person II: I knew she was a girlfag...
by Clasex March 03, 2007

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