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1. A man who has an incesteous relationship with or sexual fantasies about his uncle. 2. A bagpipe playing member of the Coast Guard Reserves. 3. A beer making school teacher. 4. A man who studies geneology so he can learn about all the uncles he will never have a chance to fuck. 5. A bottom to his uncle's top.
My brother is an uncle fucker but I am not.
by Clark Potter December 13, 2003
A man in an incestuous relationship with or with incestuous fantasies about his uncle. An uncle fucker. Also called a Stew, or a Sterdy Boy.
God! My brother is a stuz. I walked in the bathroom and busted him giving a cleveland stamer to my Uncle Ralph.
by Clark Potter December 12, 2003
heavy menstural flow exhibited by a woman from Alabama.
That girl from Birmingham has had to change her pad three times already. She's must be having an Alabama Crimson Tide
by Clark Potter December 11, 2003

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