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5 definitions by Clark Harris

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The Building Contractors are using the FEMA solution to rebuild New Orleans.
by Clark Harris December 20, 2006
A somewhat derogatory name for evacuees who fled New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina who now live in Houston, TX or Baton Rouge, LA. The name alludes to the burden the evacuees have places on the infrastructure of said cities. And the lack of one and two bedroom apartments for 9 months after the hurricane hit making it impossible for Houstonians to find housing after there lease was up due to inflated apartment costs.
Many use the term to comment on the increased crime and welfare rates in Houston and Baton Rouge.
Make sure you are packing heat going into the Southwest Ghetto area (Houston), there are a lot of Katrinaites living there now and crime has climbed 38%!
by Clark Harris December 21, 2006
Thanking a cop for pulling you over so you can appear cooperative and polite in the hopes you don’t get a ticket.
I gave a cop a Fuzz Buzz yesterday and he gave me a ticket anyway!
by Clark Harris December 22, 2006
A person who works in the technology industry by day and practices Witchcraft at night.
She really knows how to fix those computers! She is a true Techno Pagan.
by Clark Harris December 20, 2006
Cash In Advance

Describes a customer that has a reputation of not paying there bills on time or a company that is about to go out of business, hence any work done needs to be done with Cash In Advance.
I do work at Enron, there one of my CIA Customers.
by Clark Harris December 21, 2006