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When something that you think should taste like ass, ends up tasting pretty good. Or anything metaphorically equal. As in you thought that was going to suck... but it didn't!
"Well Joe I thought having sex with that chubby girl was going to be a bad time but it turned out to be sphincterlicious."
by Clark Graff December 27, 2008
One who snivels rather than doing something.
Also a backbiting whinger. (Pronounced WIN-GER soft G)
Related to the brilliant snivel gear as one who wears snivel gear is in fact a snivler.
What a fuckin' snivler.
by Clark Graff May 18, 2006
when you are near a woman and her scent makes you into a Zombie!
As soon as I walked up to that blonde girl at the bar, I was snifnotized. I was under her spell forever. (Or at least until I was out of range and took a shower)
by Clark Graff September 21, 2010
Any type of human or animal shaped lawn or garden watering implement where the water is ejected out of the rear end (or sphincter) of the implement.
"Hey Joe I just got one of those new Yak style garden sphinctlers. It has amazing cheek compression, gets all the way to the driveway in one shot!"
by Clark Graff December 27, 2008

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