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A way to comunicate in class without the teachers knowing especially when they are being pains in the asses...(You ahve to have computers beside each other for this to work though)
Lauren *types into Microsoft Word* -"OMG this class is so boring.."
Jenna types- "Ya I know..hey you wanna ditch class tomorrow??"
Lauren types- "for sure!!"
Jenna types - "WE gonna ditch english?"
Lauren types- "OF COURSE!!!"
by Clana_Luver January 16, 2009
The calss where you sit in the computer lab doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!Also a time to eat and go on Facebook and try to find new ways of getting onto msn and other sites like that since they blocked ebuddy etc....
Jenna says(in a text)- "I am so bored.."
Lauren replies (in a text)- "oh you have an English class then?"
Jenna replies "Yupp and the teacher won't let me work on a computer because Ren and I were talking too much...and because I am not in dress code ;P"
Lauren replies- "oh jenna you are so hard core"
by Clana_Luver January 16, 2009

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