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Watery-eyed, agressive female equivalent to the spide, Northern Irish council estate trash. (English version: pikey) Are always seen in groups of two or more, most likely with a set of double buggies in tow.

Generally associated with trance music, soft drugs, teen pregnancy and the radio station Energy 106. Invariably sectarian.

Appearance is usually overweight or horribly emaciated, either makeupless or slathered in bright orange foundation that sets off their luminous white skin. Hair is greased back into a high ponytail, several strands of hair are normally teased over the forehead to approximate a fringe. Home perms and bleach jobs are not uncommon. Most have at least three or four piercings on each ear adorned with the chunkiest, brassy rings they can find. The millie uniform is a knocked off tracksuit, Hi Tech trainers, coin rings and hiphop style necklaces and chains.

An optional addition is a squawling toddler, usually named "Danielle".

Millies are pack animals, and rarely stray outside their estates, excluding trips to the offie/chippy and perhaps a cheap 18-30 to Ibiza for the lucky ones. Encounter a pack of them, and bar verbal abuse you should be safe, unless you are unfortunate enough to be eyed up by "our fella".

Millies can get served anywhere in the country from age 12, considering by that time they all look like they're pushing 30.
"That bunch of millies set fire to Virgin Megastores because they don't trade pissed-in bottles of White Lightning for Scooter CDs."
by Clairefaerie May 21, 2004
Short-lived fashion trend popular with mostly female preteens and typified by fraudulent "punk artists" such as Avril Lavigne, Lillix, etc.

Punk chic is the desire to appear rebellious or hardcore, while also appearing cute or attractive. Unlike classic punk, the mowhawk doesn't feature, the basic uniform consists of flat-ironed hair, either undyed or with a wussy wash out colour applied to it, heavy eyeliner, pink or imitation leather cuffs from Hot Topic or Claire's, sweatbands, Converse All Stars and a tanktop or shirt, either imitation vintage or featuring a band that the wearer does not listen to. Younger punk chic followers are normally seen wearing shirts with moronic slogans like "Girls Rock" or "Punk Kitty".

They are either unashamedly pop oriented or appear to be credible by professing to like a list of bands that their older siblings listen to.

Many pioneers of this blip in fashion history have since ditched the ties and gone gothic chic since Avril is out and Evanescence is in.

Punk chic has no bearing on any other form of punk.
"I'm going punk chic to impress those hot skaters. RAWK ON!"
by Clairefaerie May 21, 2004
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