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A reliable and well built car often criticised by uneducated Americans who are unable to drive cars with manual gearboxes. Built with technology at least 20 years ahead of American car manufacturers (Corvette still use leaf springs for Christ sake!) they are widely hated because they embarrass 'muscle' cars developing pitiful power from enormous engines (oh and of cause being completely useless if you ever come across a corner).

Unlike Hondas, American cars sell in minimal numbers outside the US, because they have appalling build quality, have pathetic power to weight ratios and can only go in a straight line.

A civic is either reliable transport, or at its best (167 bhp VTi/Sir, 197bhp Type R) a great hot hatch, that’s it. Of cause you WON’T keep up with an Evo in a Civic, it’s a mere hot hatch, not a 4x4 rally beast, but you CAN piss yourself laughing as you fly past American crap on a race track or country road.
Civic driver: I took my standard Civic Type R to Germany’s Nurburgring and got round in under 9 minutes, not bad for a 1.6.

Camaro driver: I took my muscle car to the Nurburgring and crashed on the first corner because it handles like shit, It broke down on the way too. I rented a car but I couldn’t drive it because it wasn’t an auto and I’m a fat useless sack of crap.

Mustang driver: My cars awesome because I can beat Hyundai’s on the drag strip and I can go above 100mph as long as the road is completely straight. Anyone who drives a Japanese car must be gay because I say so.

Generic muscle car driver: I am a cretin who knows nothing about cars but express my uninformed opinions loudly. I wouldn’t go anywhere near a race track because I would be urinated on by people in Japanese and European compact cars with engines a quarter of the size of my ‘beast’. I prefer to hang around in bars, boasting about how I can beat people off the lights in my V8 and then beat the crap out of the prostitute I’ve just paid for.
by Civic driver February 19, 2009

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