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Not mindless noise at all, as Burkey tries to claim. The basic premise is pattern based loops put over drum loops, but instead of your regular 4/4 um-tiss-um-tiss drums, it's set over the more flowing breakbeat format. The term drum and bass defines the predominent sounds you get: drums and bass are the sounds that are more predominent. It sticks wit a simple-but-effective motive towards melodies (or basslines is the case of dnb) but the complexity comes in the production of these sounds. The general rule for the sounds are bigger and badder is better, but depending on the style (there are also liquid and more ambient styles) this is also not the case. For those chart-dwellers who aren't quite sure of what this music is like, if you can refer back a few years when a few artists broke through (shy fx & t power, roni size, goldie and pendulum more recently) thats the kind of premise it follows, but that's only the surface of what is such a varied genre of music.to understand this music and to listen to the best, look for the artists in my examples.
Andy C, DJ Hype, Mampi Swift, DJ Hazard, Friction, Drumsound and Bassline Smith, DJ Fresh, Roni Size, Goldie, DJ Marky, Zinc, Chase and Status, LTJ Bukem, Brockie, Ed Rush & Optical, Sub Focus, Loxy, Ink, Noisia to name but a few Drum and Bass djs/producers
by Cipher & Syntax June 07, 2006
A word used by many bostonites on a saturday night out. a general threat of physical aggression for any particular reason they see just. This is often said with a slack jaw to emphasise the intelligence of those who use the term.
'Shush kid oojafinkyaa? fuckin nockyaaht wun i kid?'
by Cipher & Syntax June 07, 2006
A term used by bostonites to ask the person their identity. Often used by bostonites in an aggressive manner, asking someone about their identity, possibly to see if they have a reputation for being a hardman in the town
b:'I'm fuckin robbo kid, fuckin bin in prison 6 year fu fuckin killin a goff kid. i fuckin nockyaaht!'
by Cipher & Syntax June 07, 2006
A term used to describe the use of effects whilst processing low-frequency sounds, to add a deeper, heavier, more aggressive style of noise
nb can be used in past and present tenses (stabbed in the minge, stabbing in the minge)
'That bassline is gonna get a stab in the minge kid!'
'What are you doing?' 'I'm stabbing that kick(drum) in the minge!'
by Cipher & Syntax June 07, 2006

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