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1.) Synonymous for a typical Democrat, who is usually left-leaning and supporting of policies and actions that actually hurt America. Also a person who singles out conservatives and others who voted for George W. Bush. The majority of these left-wingers are known as liberals.

2.) The propaganda, hate speech, lies, and idiotic points that spew from a Democrat. Usually occurs on television, on college campuses, and during filibustering.
The liberal kids at the local university were emitting democrap about being in pro-gay and pro-abortion activism.
by Cincinnati Reds Fan April 15, 2005
the greatest city in Ohio because it is not overrun with liberals and faggots (even though there are a few).
All the homos can go back to California and Boston; keep Cincinnati clean!
by Cincinnati Reds Fan February 06, 2005
I'm GAY! Gay gay gay gay GAY!!!! Fuck me in the ass! Where is my kitty kat?

I like Bengal tiger teeth around my balls
There may not be any liberals or gay people in Cincy, but there's a lot of murderers, muggers, urban blight and racial tension!

How damn ironic
by Cincinnati Reds Fan April 23, 2005
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