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A soccer mom is typically a 40 year old, Caucasian, middle-class suburban woman. She is often seen driving an SUV everywhere, taking her kids back and forth from the many activities they participate in after school. They typically have a family of a husband and three kids, and own a two-story house with a picket fence in the front yard. They are overprotective parents who blame rap/rock/metal music, the Internet and video games for all of today's problems in the world. They drill their Christian bullshit into their three kids since child birth, and look down on anybody who doesn't have the same beliefs and opinions as they do. They censor out a lot of stuff yet little do they know, their kids are going to find all of it out in a couple of years anyway. The children of the typical soccer mom are forced to participate in loads of sports/activities after school, even though they may not like them. They aren't allowed to play any other video games other than a Nintendo Wii for only an hour a day. They have no Internet access, other than Brainpop.com and other educational sites. They must go to church every Sunday. If they disobey all of these requirements, they are grounded for a week and sent to their rooms. The soccer mom demographic is mainly the ones responsible for all of the unnecessary censors that are out in the media today. Soccer moms make me sick.
"That soccer mom over there just yelled at me because I was playing Metallica on my iPod at full blast!"

"Wow man, what a bitch."
by Chupacabra1234567 May 18, 2010

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