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4 definitions by Chunky B

The best of the H4X0R variations of hacker. Used by someone who wants to make it clear that they take the term seriously. AKA a sad sad individual
If these "1337 |-|/-\><()|25" keep up with these dos attacks I will kill them with a knife.
by Chunky B May 08, 2003
A fetish where the feces of one lover is removed manually and spread, thrown, and otherwise used as a sex object. Proponents claim that the smell of "unborn" feces is a huge turn-on, and that it is loads of fun.
After getting bored with normal sex, my girlfriend and I turned to shit shoving to spice up our sex life.
by Chunky B April 19, 2003
Like plenty but more towards having an 'f' at the beginning.

Probably originates from a simple typo, 'cuz I mean, 'f' and 'p' are *right* next to each other on a keyboard.
I'm sure that there are bad YAOI fanfics of DBZ in flenty.
by Chunky B February 26, 2005
The lameosity of windows is staggering
by Chunky B April 19, 2003