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Jewish antics. Derived from our jew cocksucker Gary, Jantics is a term used to describe the worthless shit that spills from his mouth on a daily basis. Ant type of antics that comes across as self centered and completly irrational.
Say you give this "gary" a five dollar bill to pick you up an item at the store that will only cost two dollars. When he arrives with your item, there will be NO change. Attack of the jantics.
by Chud Mumbles March 02, 2008
To leave. In reference to ryan seacrest's coined phrase, " Seacrest out." To leave abruptly.
Where is bob? He crested out.
by Chud Mumbles March 02, 2008
IF you have seen "jagerbombs" on youtube....A scumbag from North Jersey that thinks that their gaudy look is actually cool. These rats are know for their poor taste in style, their illiteracy, and their horrible disgusting accents.
Jersey Rat description: Weak ass Kangol hats, frosted tips, steroids, tanning beds, tacky families, small brains, tiny penis', horrible dancing to weak techno shit, played out Gucci wear that Master P gave to Goodwill.
by Chud Mumbles March 02, 2008
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