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2 definitions by ChuckWeezy

the way in which you present yourself. The ability to walk into a situation and immediately being complemented on style
Chucky walked into the room and people began to talk to him because of his SWAG. While that was going on, a girl named zoe with a very small, almost sand spec sized amount of what she calls #swag, was in the corner watching community all by herself.
by ChuckWeezy October 18, 2011
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The presentation of ones self(walking, clothing, appearance etc). The ability to walk into a situation and gain instant credibility and receive immediate love from the people present.
Chucky walked into the party and the crowd began to praise his looks and style for that he had #swag. While this was taking place, zoe aka spec of sand(given that name due to her extremely small amount of #swag) was sitting in the corner alone watching community, because no one seemed to notice her at the party due to her small amount of #swag.
by ChuckWeezy October 18, 2011
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