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Possibly the most anoying word ever. Juffalo refers to an Icp fan who only listens to it because they think it will make them cool. Juffalos often know absolutely nothing about ICP or any other horrocore music. Ironically, Juffalo is more often used by juffalos to describe real juggalos than the other way around. Ussually speaks in supposedly black slang that even black people cant understand. See also poser
Juffalo: Nyikka Yo' isnt down bitch boi mathafackoo! you only gots like nine albums.
Juggalo: What does Icp stand for?
Juffalo: Haay mayin fack you! Of course I be knowin dat shit! It mean Incredibly Crazy People you ignant nyikka!
by ChuckNorrisKilledBobSaget January 22, 2006

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