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A right wing propaganda shit slinger that works for a fake news channel and has his own brain washing radio show. Unable to support his own points unless paired with a wimpy pseudo leftist like Allen Colmes or able to control the microphones to cut off decent. Like many right wingers he has an over inflated view of how tough he is but has never had the guts to prove it. Also, like most right wingers, has never served a day in the military but does not hesitate to wrap himself in the flag and send others to war. Proof that you don't have to be able to tell the difference between your ass and your elbow to be financially successful in the US as long as you will kiss the right asses.
If I wear expensive suits, act like I know everything, act like I can kick everyones ass, and get a retarded dog and name him Allen I could be a Sean Hannity.
by Chuck Scheid October 07, 2007
A completely useless white male asshole with an enormous ego apparently obtained by hosting a useless rag-mag TV show that turned into a rag-mag political show opportunity. Unable to tolerate an opposing viewpoint, esp. those on the left. Elevated self absorption makes him feel and act like a 60 yr old Rambo tough-ass but is not so diluted as to actually face a challenge esp. by Keith Olbermann. Uncomfortable in his own skin if anywhere other than his TV controlled environment. Basic fuck head, woman harassing, simple shit.
If I were born a Bill O'Reilly I would kill my stupid fucking self before I opened my big useless mouth. And someone please burn the body.
by Chuck Scheid October 06, 2007
A fictional apparition that is supposedly present when a fart is smelled but not heard and nobody claims it. The accused party will deny it and blame the phantom.
I didn't do it, it must have been the fart phantom.
by Chuck Scheid October 07, 2007

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