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The all too frequent moment in a Spielberg movie when the story begins to defy common sense and logic. This is all done on purpose for what Spielberg hopes is the excitement of the film, which will cause you to overlook glaring errors and obvious inconsistancies.
Jurassic park 2: As the dinosaur runs amok in what a character states are "the wee small hours of the morning," we find a videostore open and full of customers, a city bus on it's usual 2 am route, and scores of people walking and driving around, visiting numerous open businesses! This is a small example of just one Spielberg moment that he hopes you will not pay much attention to. After all it would be dull to have a dinosaur running around stores that are all closed up and sreets that are are relatively empty!
by Chuck Rundle April 26, 2010
A sexual postion similar to a reverse cowgirl, usually performed by a milf with a major league ass.. While the male lies flat the female impales herself upon him while facing towrds his feet. She then pops her ass, pumping up and down on him while smiling back and doing her best to pop his nut.
She was incredibly wild. We went back to her house and she went all flag girl on me. I couldn't hold it very long.
by Chuck Rundle April 24, 2010

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