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See Ironman, Chuck Norris or Samuel L. Jackson.

The epitomy of coolness- nearing that of Pokemon or lightsabers.
Only achievable by learning several lethal martial arts, keeping a sword or gun under your bed, and slaying various mythical beings and dragons.

Sometimes someone who is officailly 'BADASS' will get himself arrested, then escape from jail and kill several thousand people. Just for bants.
In such events goverments have been known to cover-up evidence for such beings by claiming 'terrorist attacks' or 'natural disasters'.

Only two true badass beings are proven by scientific research to exist currently. This is ofcourse Chuck Norris and Samuel L. Jackson, however talk of a third badass has been recently (in the past century) heard. A new documentary on the third badass has just hit the big screens after a popular series of factual comics. He calls himself Ironman. Scientist will not reveal any further information.

With a third badass being on earth, it is thaught a final battle will comence between the chosen ones, for a place at the head of humanity. If this event does take place, the government will probably claim it to be 'world war 3'... but we shall know differently- wont we.
- 'Dude, I saw a badass the other day!'

- 'Man, your lucky it ( badass beings don't believe in gender ) didn't see you. I hear they can impregnate, kill or sercumsize you simply by looking at you.'

- 'YEAH BUDDY' * roundhouse kicks nearby small child *

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