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The best sauce you will ever have but you will never have some because ONLY Chuck norris is so awsome he can only use it!
Jake: Pass me that awesome sauce!

Tim: no man your not awsome enough!

Chuck norris: pass me that awsome sauce!

Tim: here ya go!

Chuck norris: For shame Jake for Shame!!!
by Chuck norris February 27, 2013
Anal Sex followed by Oral Sex. The penis will still be covered in fecal matter, which will then be inserted into the partners mouth. This persons mouth becomes nasty and yucky, thus giving him/her a nasty yuck mouth.
Yeah, I fucked that bitch in the mouth right after I fucked her in the butt... Yeah, I gave her a Nasty Yuck Mouth.
by Chuck Norris April 07, 2005
the general number of times a kid must masturbate before school
Mark masturbated four times before school today.
by Chuck Norris December 06, 2004
Also a term used for people who are associated but not a full fledged members of a street gang.
He aint cripin,that niggas gully.
by Chuck Norris November 09, 2004

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