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When a ladies lower region has been hammered that much it has expanded and seems to have no end
"her snatch is like a wizards sleeze"
by Chuck Hernandez January 26, 2004
The jailhouse or private all male school term of engaging in the act of anal sex with a bitch, whilst the daddy enters two or three fingers into aforementioned bitches throat to force violent vomiting thereby making the bitches anus tighten and heightening the enjoyment of the anal sex to the daddy.
"i didnt just toss this homies salad, i wolfbanged him/her"

"i was gonna go easy on him/her but i decided to wolfbang him/her"
by Chuck Hernandez January 26, 2004
a bitch so ugly and deformed she looks like the aforementioned stuntmans elbow
"the bitch was so ugly she looked like a stuntmans elbow"
by Chuck Hernandez January 26, 2004

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